How It Works

Tweet the Bride launched in May 2014. It’s a fun addition to any wedding with a hashtag! Tweet the Bride sends a social media artist to cover a wedding with gorgeous professional photos which will be browsed by anyone who knows the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. And with so many beautiful touches on such a monumental day, why leave it to the guests to capture the father-daughter dance, the champagne toast, and the cake cutting?

Tweet the Bride photos are ready instantly. You’ll be able to see photos from your wedding day weeks before your photographer delivers his or her photos. You and your new spouse can browse the photos right away on your wedding Twitter and Instagram profile, and your guests will get to witness every part of the day – even the parts they might not get to see, like the bridal suite and the wedding party photo shoots.

If this sounds like something you want for your wedding, then invite Tweet the Bride to your wedding. Click here to get started.
Fun Fact: The wedding Instagrams we publish get most of their likes the day after a wedding.

Step by Step:

1. Fill out our form with your wedding date and location.

2. Someone at Tweet the Bride will call or email you to discuss your big day.

3. Pay your $100 deposit via check, Paypal, or Venmo.

4. After receiving your deposit, we’ll launch your wedding Instagram and Twitter handles and share the passwords with you, as well as the contact information of your social media artist.

5. Final deadline to pay is two weeks before your wedding.

6. Our social media artist will show up wearing a nametag at the time and place your wedding begins – some brides like for us to start with the “getting ready” shots. (…But hold on, the pictures of the bride and groom won’t be posted until after the ceremony!)

7. Photos and tweets are posted instantly. You’ll get to relive your wedding day immediately without having to wait weeks for your professional photos!

The instagrams and tweets are yours after that! If you want to delete them, or add your own photos to the stream, you can do either! It’s totally up to you, and you and your new spouse have full rights to the images.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas for social media coverage for your wedding, just ask. We’re ready to try (almost) anything!