How To Pick Your Wedding Hashtag

Picking a hashtag for your wedding can be tough. Some couples have names that, when combined, can make funny idioms and puns, while other couples are left scratching their heads in search of a clever name. Here are a few tips for picking a wedding hashtag for your big day. Once you have one picked out, make it go further by inviting Tweet the Bride to you wedding! We’ll cover your wedding with live tweets and instagrams and tag each of our professional quality photos with your hashtag.

1. Take apart the syllables of your name. This is the fastest way to find hidden words within your names. Avoid the temptation to use a part of your full name that you’re not commonly known by (for example, your little-known middle name).

2. If obvious connections still don’t come to fruition, start thinking of rhymes. Add one or both of your last names to complete a rhyme. Common words and phrases to rhyme with: wedding, hitched, forever, [tie the] knot, nuptials, weds, [party of] two, [down the] aisle, and [say] yes.

3. If you’re still stumped, try alliteration. Think: #harrisonsgethitched, #walterwedding, #meetthemorrisons, and #nicholsonnuptials.

4. Don’t worry if nothing pops up; it doesn’t mean your wedding is doomed. There is nothing wrong with combining your names for a classic #sarahandmichael or #lauraandchris. You can also find free wedding hashtag generators online.

Pro Tips:

If your hashtag is already taken, or it’s a real word, add your wedding location or date to the end, like #sueanddrew2015 or #sueanddrewnyc.

Don’t be afraid of a long hashtag! Those are sometimes the funniest hashtags and make a great icebreaker for guests.

Did you come up with a great wedding hashtag? Share it with us in the comments!

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